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Gizmo: 3-Axis H4 Handheld Gimbal

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Gizmo: The 3-Axis Gimbal

Meet Gizmo: the 3-axis gimbal, a flexible smartphone / camera stabilizer that has a lot to like about it. It’s sleek, lightweight design is portable and very easy to use. Its 3-axis stabilization offers 360-degree rotation and it has a number of special features that will elevate your filming experience. The gimbal works with phones with screen sizes up to six inches and weighing 7.7 ounces.


Gizmo connects directly to your phone’s micro-USB port for constant charging, and it comes with an app that adds a variety of filming features, such as automatic zooming, face tracking, panoramic filming and time-lapse photography.


Batteries provide up to 12 hours of running time, and a four-way joystick built into the handle lets you control the pan, tilt, and roll for unlimited 360-degree rotation. In addition to working with most smartphones, the Gizmo gimbal is also compatible with action cameras such as goPro. There are available tripod extensions that allow you to use the gimbal hands-free.



At 15.5 ounces, however, the Gizmo gimbal is light enough to use for long periods of time with limited strain. Thanks to its competitive pricing, Gizmo makes an attractive purchase.