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NEW Nintendo 3DS XL Black

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NEW Nintendo 3DS XL Black

  • 3D without glasses: the latest technology for impressive 3D effects
  • Adjust the 3D effect using the 3D depth controller
  • Mii-Maker: Turn your family, your friends and yourself into Miis
  • Scroll pad, motion control, indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Record up to 10 minutes of video and photos in 3D
  • Touchscreen controls, a microphone and a directional pad


The New Nintendo 3DS XL console has two screens. The lower one, a touchscreen, is operated with the help of an extendable touch pen that can be placed in a holder in the device. The upper screen lets players see three-dimensional images with the naked eye. You look through a window into a world whose shapes and objects have three-dimensional depth. And thanks to the 3D depth control, everyone can choose exactly the 3D intensity that suits them best. The 3D effect can be increased to the maximum as desired - but also reduced or switched off completely.

In addition to the conventional buttons and the directional pad, the Nintendo 3DS console has a sliding pad that enables continuous 360-degree control. It gives players the freedom of movement they need in a three-dimensional world. The built-in motion and acceleration sensors register every movement of the Nintendo 3DS: Whether the players turn, tilt or tilt the console up and down - motion-controlled games react to each of these actions immediately. No other console gives software developers so many tools and thus possibilities with which they can offer game fans new, funny and surprising experiences.

A new world awaits you - New Nintendo 3DS XL 


1X controller

1X charger

1X Memory card

1X touch pen

Certification: CE
Origin: JP(Origin)
Color Display: Yes
Display Size: 4.3"
Touch Screen: Yes
Model Number: 3DS
Package: Yes
Communication: bluetooth