Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Why buy a regular phone case when you can have rugged phone protection combined with anti-gravity holding power? Be the first of your friends to have this revolutionary, head-turning, attention-grabbing phone case that sticks to most smooth, flat surfaces without being sticky. The secret behind the strong anti-gravity force is in nano-suction material on the back of the case. Millions of tiny suction craters like straight away from the moon,

Daily Convenience

Ever get tired of holding your phone? Wouldn't it be great to mount it in most convenient places and situations as you go? The Anti-Gravity Phone Case makes it possible. Now, you will be able to attach your phone to the mirror and watch that makeup tutorial while you're applying makeup, watch that football game while you're shaving, take a selfie without having to hold your phone and without holding a selfie stick, or how about watching videos in the tub? See for yourself, just attach your phone to the tile wall and enjoy!

Stick With The Best Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Our Anti-Gravity Phone Case is made from the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials to ensure strength and durability in everyday use. It offers a wide variety of uses like making hands-free selfies, video calling, recording vlogs, live streaming, car navigation, recording work outs at the gym, watching videos while running on the treadmill, practicing make up tutorials, cooking from recipes on your phone and much more! So basically it has practical uses for everyone. It's up to your imagination. The case is going crazy online and is used and loved by thousands of social media influencers, artists and content creators. It sticks to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, plastic and more. It's also fully washable (and temperature resistant), so you’ll be able to easily keep it in as good as new condition. Fitting over the phone's exterior and protecting your phone from scratches and drops, this world's best Anti-Gravity Case combines aesthetics with functionality and protection. It also comes in lots of shapes and sizes!

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[Anti-Gravity Phone Case] - OneDealBox

ANTI-GRAVITY PHONE CASE For Huawei Honor View 20

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Anti-Gravity Phone Case

What are the available colors for this phone case?

Currently the Anti-Gravity Phone Case only comes in black. 

Does the case have a warranty?

If the phone case is faulty due to an error on our end, we will gladly refund you or exchange your product. If it is damaged due to your mistake, we cannot issue a refund or replacement.

Can it withstand a high temperature?

It will do fine outside on a sunny day, in the hot kitchen, or in the sauna. Just keep it away from flaming stove burners and the surface of Sun to avoid any unwanted problems.

Does the anti-gravity phone case collect dirt?

Back of the case consists of millions of nano-craters that can adsorb stuff and fill with dirt or dust, mainly when the environment in which the phone case is used is dirty or dusty. The dirt might cause the case to not stick properly to its fullest abilities, therefore if you see some rubbish on the back that gets in the way, the best is to to clean it.

How to clean the anti-gravity material of the phone case?

The best way to clean the Anti-gravity Phone Case is with a help of water. Use just a little bit, no need to soak it all as it could make the material dry slower. Also you don't have to brush it hard to clean it, as it could damage the case and its ability to stick. I recommend to simply using your own hands and water to clean the anti-gravity material gently, with your your fingers.

How long does the anti gravity phone case stay sticked to a surface?

It really depends on the surface. For the most recommended surfaces like glass, the phone case will stay sticked for as long as you want it to. Tests have shown that even after many days it still hasn't fall. Obviously there are environmental factors that need to be taken into account like humidity and cleanliness of the surface.